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Good Food Chronicles is an online resource for foodies, producers, creators, providers, influencers or thinkers on or about food. Basically anyone who likes to eat and live well. There are a few ways you can partner with Good Food Chronicles, so drop Andrew a line if you are interested in:


We can work with you to develop and test recipes and menus for your product, blog, website or magazine. With over 30 years chef experience Andrew can build recipes, flavour profiles and menus based on a product, theme or concept.


Andrew and the Good Food Chronicles team can create menus and experiences for food focused events. We can cater your next function or special occasion.


Working with Good Food Chronicles enables you to connect to our growing number of followers.  We are small and focused on high quality content, products and experiences.

I am happy if you want to link to my blog or facebook page.  Please make sure you credit me – Andrew Sadler,  All images and recipes are copyright to Andrew Sadler, Good Food Chronicles unless specified otherwise.  Drop me a line at if you have linked to the blog or would like to use my photos or recipes.



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