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Feeding yourself and those you love is such an important part of life – a part that is often neglected by those of us with our busy lives.

Andrew’s mission is to change that by bringing back an understanding of the basics, celebrating great, fresh and seasonal ingredients – and providing ways for others to create magic in their own kitchens.

Andrew Sadler is an experienced freelance chef, foodie tour guide, food educator and traveller with a passion for good, seasonal food made from fresh ingredients.  He is a regular traveler who  brings back new culinary discoveries and tastes to share.

Andrew teaches at the Community Education Centre, Wellington High School. He is currently teaching Vietnamese, Thai, Greek, Back to Basics, Cooking with your Kids, Chocolate Making and French Pastry courses.  Find out more about Andrew’s courses here.

The services Andrew can provide:

  • Private chef services, catering, cooking classes and meal planning
  • Local and International Food and Beer Tours

Andrew is passionate about food and wants to share his passion with you. Contact Andrew  on (+64 22 603 4591 or email) to talk about how you can work together to bring the enjoyment of food to your life.

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